At some point between Saturday and Sunday my foot felt supremely better. Still slightly limping, but at least able to put pressure down on my foot completely. I decided that today I’d put amends to my lack of excitement for the week and end my holiday with a bang. In the afternoon I got a ride to what I’ve been told are the biggest (and therefore) best fireworks in the prefecture. Honestly, the only bad thing about today is I had to stay on the beach and couldn’t actually get in the water (oh, and it rained a bit, but apparently that isn’t a problem for Japanese fireworks).

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By far the largest fireworks show I’ve seen. It was pretty cool because they went in stages. too, with various announcements and dedications in between each one. One was even set to a Joe Hisaishi medley,and another synced to rad girl j-rock. Makes me wish I had a little bit more time to explore before school actually starts, but  I’m already going into work, so I’ll have to wait a little longer before I have time (and money) to actually adventure.