Trying to pass boredom and the lull as Winter Vacation approaches and also fulfill my half of the bulletin board decorations. I figured an appropriate and easy to understand activity would be creating some Haikus. Perhaps even more popular or parodied in American culture, these quintessentially Japanese poems a typically written to coincide with the season. It’s yet to feel quite like any winter I’ve experienced, so I created a couple to get in the festive mood.

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The instructions are quite simple–I even typed them out in Japanese–unfortunately, no one has come up with anything yet…

Winter Haikus / 冬の俳句

  • 3 sentences long / 3文です。
  • About nature / 自然についてです。
  • 5-7-5 syllables / 5-7-5音節です。



Author: dillondavis

Lover of design, printmaking, literature, and travel. Currently living in Tokyo, Japan. Working on projects experimenting with digital media and producing original content.

Have any thoughts? どう思いますか?

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