About Me

In fall of 2014, the year I graduated from St. Olaf College, I decided that I needed a real plan for the future instead of mucking around trying to find the right art internship. I decided to dive feet first and move to New York–an extremely bad idea for thodillonse with an enormous amount of debt.  I struggled moving to the cheapest places in Brooklyn, living paycheck to paycheck, and trying to find a line for my career. They say the first year living in New York is the hardest, and alas, for now, I was not a survivor.

So I went in a new direction. As a double major I pursued the fine arts alongside Asian studies. From a young age I’d known I wanted to travel the world, and with three years fleeting of Japanese language and no one to fall in love with I figured it was time to follow that goal.

After nine months of waiting, an interview in Seattle, and several background checks I found out that I’d gotten a placement with the esteemed JET Program(me) to teach English in Japan. It’s insanely the first time I’ll be living outside of Minnesota for more than a year, and even with the lust to see many parts of the world I feel like I’m leaving behind a lot.

Please follow along and stay connected with what’ll hopefully be a fortunately eventful time while I live and experience the more rural part of Japan and Japanese culture. You can check my instagram account for more content and updates.

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